• Century Mill Digital Readout

    Hi The Digital Readout on my Century Mill has started to move up/down with the quill when the quill is moved, making its value as an accurate...

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    Started by eighty5b

  • Century |Mill

    Hello, I am new to this forum, I have recently purchased a Amadeal XJ20 mill secondhand which looks identical to the Century Mill. and wonder if...

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    Started by Alan

  • Replacement bearing on my mill

    About a year after I bought my 836 mill, it has been making a weird noise, but I just couldn't pin down where it was coming from. It was definitely...

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    Started by Bogstandard

  • Horizontal milling with my *£^

    They don't produce a horizontal arbor and right angle head specifically for my machine, but I had measured mine up, and just maybe, one designed for...

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    Started by Bogstandard