• Model B Manual

    Here is the manual for the Model B 3 in 1, Should you ever need it.

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    Started by Admin - Jason

  • Mf42b oil seals

    One of the oil seals on one of the shafts in the gearbox seems to have gone. Not sure which one and that's assuming I haven't overfilled it. If a...

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    Started by Mark338

  • Gearbox Oil

    Hi, Can you recommend oil for the gearbox? How much does it take? Carl.

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    Started by stanfordcg

  • MF42B multi funcion machine

    Iam new to lathe work so this may be a silly question.! Serial No - 972373 Is it possible to know when it was manufactured if its an imperial or...

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    Started by bruce.engineer

  • Model B mnual

    Thanks Jason, for the model B manual. Much clearer and more useful than the paper one I got with the machine. I'll print it out to replace the...

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    Started by nettshubby

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