• DB10G & DB10VS Manuals

    Here is the manual for the DB10G DB10VS , Should you ever need them

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    Started by Admin - Jason

  • Help Required.

    I need a diagram to show how to wire a Replacement KEDU SE4 . ZH-A drum switch on a DB10 G (Not the variable speed version). My lathe has a double...

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    Started by splitpin

  • Motor not starting.

    Hi I have a DB10G lathe approx 15 years old. 240 VOLT I'm getting a buzzing sound when I try to turn on the motor. The motor fails to turn. I've...

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    Started by splitpin

  • Oil leaking from spindle

    I have a Coventry lathe, and oil is leaking from the spindle in the quadrant side. There is two collars, one is a locking collar against the other,...

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    Started by Paulkeegan

  • db10 super lathe closed box ?

    Hi what grade oil goes in the lathe is it iso 68 ??

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    Started by filly123

  • threading and turning ?

    Hi im a newby to the lathes ive recently bought the db10 super lathe closed box. ive changed gears D&E to 70/56 to get a thread pitch of 1mm. do i...

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    Started by filly123

  • DB10G change gears

    Hi I have a Chester DB10G lathe with a set of Change gears but there don’t match the ones In the Manuel so if sum one has a full...

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    Started by bigchub

  • DB 10 Super

    Hello,this is my first posting. I have recently taken delivery of a DB10 Super lathe,variable speed,and whilst I am pretty happy with it in...

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    Started by Groundsman

  • Parting Off

    Hi, Do people find that parting off can sometimes be a daunting task on the Chester Lathes? I have to admit this was something that until recently I...

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    Started by Yanto

  • Motor Cutting Out

    Hi All, Hoping that someone might be able to help. I have a DB10V coming up to 7 years old. I did replace the motor after the little aluminium fan...

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    Started by Yanto

  • Open gearbox?

    Just looking through the lathes, I noticed that this lathe is offered with "open" and "closed" gearboxes. As both machines cost...

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    Started by jim

  • DB10GVS Change Wheels

    I have a GB10GVS with an imperial leadscrew ( 10 tpi ) but I am completely confused by how the diagram on the front of the lathe relates to the...

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    Started by martyngriff

  • Cross slide rigidity

    I am experiencing movement in my cross slide independent from backlash which can be compensated for. And have identified that the week point is the...

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    Started by Miller78

  • Circuit diagram

    Has anybody managed to find a circuit diagram for the motor controller board. (I have the data sheet that gives all the connections. ) Mine has...

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    Started by steamlaser

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