• Champion 16 & 20vs Manuals

    Here are the Champion 16 20vs Manuals, Should you ever need them.

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    Started by Admin - Jason

  • Mill trips power supply

    My mill has just started tripping the workshop electrical supply I plug into the 13a supply, select rotation press the on button the mill starts to...

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    Started by johnm

  • Champion 20VS motor controller

    Am I the only person to have experienced so much difficulty with this? My motor controller blew up spectacularly in early April. I paid for a new...

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    Started by bluesteel329

  • Champion V16 Mill mods

    I have added a few mods to my Champion 16V mill, a cooling fan to prevent the motor from overheating and a fine feed for the mill quill, I have...

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    Started by Pat Bravery

  • Head control

    When I lower the cutter the head drops and I then have lost control on the depth of cut even after raising and then lowering to take out backlash in...

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    Started by johnm

  • Frozen taper in quill

    I recently had to change my Collet Holder for a drill chuck. After putting blocks under the quill I finally managed to drive out the Collet Holder by...

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    Started by steamlaser

  • Depth stop for champion 16

    Hi, I'm considering making a depth stop for my Champion 16 mill/drill, just wondered if anyone has already produced one of their own? It must make...

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    Started by edintheclouds