• Speed Read Out Issue

    datadave Junior Member Registered:18/10/16 Posts: 6 Posted 12 hours ago #26 Hi Everyone. Help and advice...

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    Started by Admin - Tony

  • DB7vs Manual

    Here is the manual for the DB7VS Lathe, Should you ever need it.

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    Started by Admin - Jason

  • Wiring Diagram

    Does any one have a wiring diagram for the DB7V lathe. It could be rely handy for when you have to replace a motor or speed control board etc. Many...

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    Started by SiBag

  • Tailstock Trouble

    Hi everyone I have recently come across a problem whilst turning a blind bronze bush, bore 8mm. I decided to use an 8mm end mill in the tailstock...

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    Started by datadave

  • New lathe

    First bit of threading on my new lathe it is 3/8 unc 24 threads per inch really surprised how much torque at such a low speed it as.. The pitch was...

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    Started by lamb

  • New lathe

    First bit of threading on my new lathe it is 3/8 unc 24 threads per inch really surprised how much torque at such a low speed it as.. The pitch was...

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    Started by lamb

  • 12TPI possible on DB7VS lathe?

    Hi all Just a quick question, can the DB7VS lathe cut 12 tpi? I had a look at the chart on the front of the lathe and I can see 8,10,11,14.... But...

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    Started by kennnyboy

  • More Imperial (TPIs) on a DB7 Metric Lathe

    Having looked at how to cut a 12 TPI thread on the DB7 Metric Lathe, see thread on this forum, my interest was piqued as to what other TPIs could be...

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    Started by ShearPin

  • Cutting a 12TPI Thread on a Metric DB7 Lathe

    Looking at the thread cutting tables on the front of the Metric DB7 lathe it soon becomes obvious that 12TPI is not listed. A quick look at the gears...

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    Started by ShearPin

  • Threading gears for 1/2 unf 20 Tpi

    Can anyone please help me I need to cut only one type of thread on my lathe( db7vs). I'm getting on a bit and I'm having a hard time trying to work...

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    Started by Leeswoodboy

  • Ball turners

    Hi all Just wondering if any owners of the DB7 lathe has had a go at making a ball turner to mount onto the cross slide of the lathe? I'm very keen...

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    Started by kennnyboy

  • Where do I buy replacement fuses

    Hi all Can anyone let me know where i can get some spare fuses for the DB7VS lathe. In the manual it says it's 8a. Anyone give me a link to where...

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    Started by kennnyboy

  • Special tool needed to take off gears?

    Hi all I wanted to give the thread cutting a go on the lathe. But I can't take the upper most gears off. I'd you take a look at the pic, do I need...

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    Started by kennnyboy

  • Tightening up the cross slide carriage wheel

    Hi all I have a bit of a problem with the carriage wheel of my DB7 lathe. The carriage wheel on the cross and top slides are a little...

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    Started by kennnyboy

  • Rotating top slide

    Hi all, I'm patiently awaiting my DB7VS lathe to be swapped this week- the original one had a faulty motor - but I couldn't deduce from the...

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    Started by kennnyboy

  • Fitting T1 piston quick change tool post

    Hi all, Got my replacement DB7VS lathe today. And she's up and running. Only thing is I cannot figure out how I fit the T1 quick change tool post...

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    Started by kennnyboy

  • New DB7VS

    After many years (and I mean years) of should I / shouldn't I buy a lathe the deed was done before Christmas and an order was placed for a DB7VS. ...

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    Started by Turnit

  • Carriage Lock or Chesters Best Kept Secret

    When boring to a set depth the last thing needed is for the carriage to move and lose the datum reference for the top slide dial. There are several...

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    Started by ShearPin

  • Parting Off (on the DB7)

    Hi This is one operation that many people try to avoid, especially on a small lathe like the DB7. Even the worshiped Myford would appear to have...

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    Started by ShearPin

  • Quick Change Tool Post

    Hi In the early days of ownership of a DB7 I got fed up with constantly having to shim cutting tools up every time they were changed. I found that...

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    Started by ShearPin

  • Chuck Installation and CAddy

    When I first had my DB7 I found changing chucks to be a bit of a pain especially when refitting a chuck to the spindle/backplate. It seemed that I...

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    Started by ShearPin

  • Chuck Removal

    The DB7 along with other lathes has a plain back chuck which is secured the spindle using 3 studs, while this arrangement means that the spindle can...

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    Started by ShearPin

  • Vertical Slide

    I was looking at the small vertical slide supplied by Chester and noted that some extra machining was required for it to fit a DB7VS. Has anyone...

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    Started by Turnit

  • DB7VS

    Can you tell me the Toolpost Bolt / Stud Diameter . Thanks in adavance

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    Started by Arry

  • A very versatile machine.

    Firstly, although this is a small machine in my experience the DB7VS is an absolute bargain. I owned one of these machines for a while and it never...

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    Started by Northwest

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